Refund Policy

This policy describes the rules that apply to cancellations/transfers of subscriptions, cancellations of orders, and related matters

CivilDrive is a freemium, no-contract, monthly subscription service. That means you can sign up & use an awesome core version of CivilDrive free of charge! We also offer free trials of the ‘Individual’ and ‘Company’ subscriptions, which is a great way to demo our paid plans.

Our refund policy is simple: if you’re ever unhappy with CivilDrive for one reason or another, drop us a line at support@civildrive.com.

Examples of full refunds we’d grant:

  • If you were just charged for your next month of CivilDrive, but you meant to cancel, we’re happy to refund that extra cost.

  • If you intended to cancel your CivilDrive subscription but forgot, and you haven’t used CivilDrive since then, we’ll give you a full refund for up to three months.

  • If you signed up for a CivilDrive premium subscription and it wasn’t what you had in mind & haven’t started your giveaway yet, get in touch with us!

  • Examples of partial refunds or credits we’d grant:

  • If you’ve been a subscriber to CivilDrive for an extended period of time and are looking to have that entire extended period of time refunded, we’ll ask to work out a deal where we’d give you a subscription to our services for a particular length free of charge.

  • If CivilDrive experienced a major outage that had a significant effect on your work, we'd issue a partial refund or credit.

  • If you weren’t happy with the support you received or if the support you received wasn’t promptly, we would issue a partial refund or credit.